How To Download YouTube Thumbnail Image of Any Youtubers / From YouTube

If You Are a YouTuber Or Going To Create A New YouTube Channel Having Trouble On Creating A YouTube Thumbnail For Your Videos  You Don’t Know How To Prepare Thumbnail For You Videos in Photoshop..? Want To Use Used Thumbnail of Any YouTubers in YouTube..?

Then This Article is For You How To Download YouTube Thumbnail Images of Any YouTubers….?

Here is The How To:-

  • First Select A Thumbnail of A Video Which You Want To Download.
  • Second Copy The Url Of The Video.
  • And Paste The Video Given Here ” ”.
  • Here is The Images To Go How.








Paste The Url Given In The Pic Red Marked Area



Here is The Image We Taken From The Above Given Website  ” YouTube ScreenShot ”.



You Can See That Above Image Taken In Given Website.


I Hope you’ve Enjoyed How To Download YouTube Thumbnail Image of Any Youtubers / From YouTube. If You have any doubts, comment below in the comment section and feel free to share this tips it to your friends ………!!!



OMG@Good News For Youtube Creators

If You Are a Youtube Creator or Youtubers You are in Right Place Yes, Youtube is Inviting You to Youtube NextUp Camp. Here are The Full Details for Youtube NextUp and Camp Location In India / Japan / France.




Here is Some Of The Great Youtubers Successes in Youtube.

NextUp has helped hundreds of creators, including a few who have become some of YouTube’s brightest stars, including Marcus Butler, MegwinTV, AsapSCIENCE, Laura Vitale and more.

Eligible For The Youtube NextUp Camp

  • Youtube Creators Must Have an Atleast or Minimum 3 Videos in Your Channel.
  • And Coming To Subscriber’s Must Be Under From 10 Thousand To 1 Lakhs More Subscribers.
  • There is No CopyRight Strikers Videos In Your Channel.

These are Rules Or Steps To Eligible For Youtube Creator’s To Youtube NextUp.


Camp Details:-

  • Youtube NextUp Camp is For Five Days.
  • Youtube Camp in India / Japan / France.
  • All Facilities are Taken By Youtube NextUp Like Food, Bed, And More….
  • And Also There are a  Vouchers Up to  $2,000 For Every Youtubers.

Benefit Levels:-

  • If You are From 1–1K subscribers For Your Channel [Graphite ].

  • If You are From 1K–10K subscribers For Your Channel [ Opal ].

  • If You are From 10k – 100k subscribers For Your Channel [ Bronze ].

  • If You are From 100k+ subscribers For Your Channel [ Silver & Up ].

  • Click Here To View The Fully Details of Benefits Levels.

Click Here To Visit The Full Details of  Youtube NextUp.

Click Here To Apply For Youtbers From India July 10 – July 14.

Click Here To Apply For Youtubers From Japan  July 7 – 9 and 15 – 16.

Click Here To Apply For Youtubers From France July 3 – 7.


Some Common Chatting Abbrivations

Chatting with our Friends / Familes  in Social Medias Like Facebook , Whatsapp , Twitter and More. If you want to Surprise your Friends / Family with some Chatting Shortcuts [or] Abbrivations . So Guys Here is the some of the Common Chatting Abbrivations .




So Let’s Get Started To Suprise Our Friends / Family Members……..!!!


Rup – [ Read-up Please] .

Y ? – [  Why ].

IMHO – [ in My Humble Opinion].

BF – [ Best Friend / Boy Friend ].

BTW – [ By the Way ].

FYI@ – [ For Your Information].

Urs – [ Yours ].

MYOB – [ Mind your Own bussiness ].

BRB / BBS – [ Be Right Back / Be back Soon].

LOL – [ Laughing Out Loud ].

CUL – [ See you Later ].

< 3 – [Love ].

DoB – [ Date of Birth].

*WS – [ Wrongly Sent ].

WTH – [ What the Hell ?].

HBD – [ Happy Birthday].

PBB – [ Parents Behind Back ].

Plz – [ Please].

HAND – [ Have a Nice Day ].

ROFL – [ Rolling on the Floor Laughing ].

TyAL – [ Thank you a lot].

OTW – [ On the way ].

J4F – [ Just for fun].

W8 – [ Wait ].

K – [ Okay ].

OMG – [ Oh… My God ].

FWIW – [ For waht it’s worth ].

Sry.PB – [ Sorry. Personally Busy ].

SAR – [ Sent as Received ].

ASL – [ Age,sex, location].

^5 – [ High – five ].

TTYL – [ Talk to you Later ].

Zzzzz…. – [ Sleeping or Bores ]………..!!!


I Hope you’ve Understood  Some Useful Common Chatting Abbrivatons. If You have any doubts, comment below in the comment section and feel free to share this tips it to your friends ………!!!